İn 1993, ÇAĞDAŞ PANO, a company that includes production and marketing with a standing information and experience started it’s missions in an energy sector. Since they put their name in the market, standing by their own , contributing for the country’s economy, bringing the necessary for the era, the pioneer in the sector, always with targets to be the first in the sector, a company with objective to satisfy the customers before and after the sales and with a positive name togo on a progressive way.

Since the day of the foundation until today, the targets and innovations, every year increasing the work capacity with 7500 m2 area with extensive ventilator, a company with no mistakes focused on product activities.

Nowadays, coming out com from national dimensions and gaining global dimensions with research and development studies, increasing the number of employed stuff, equipped machines progressing with the last technologies. With this innovations in product activities the objective is to decrease the mistakes and risk factories from people until the minimum level and increase the job security.


- Introduce the world scale to the customers.
- Contributes to the country’s employment.
- Increase the local production quota in global areas
- Increase the stock exchange continuously in nationwide and the customers abroad.
- Solve with rational and scientific methods unsolved questions.
- Keep following the innovation and modern production

A leader in the sector with a responsibility and objective to expand nationally and global the market every year.


Our vision; the international standart for a quality and environmental management standarts is to make an appropriate production, with a deep background to provide services, trustable company, innovator, modern, the choosen one in local and oversea market and the trademark who makes difference in the sector.