Nowadays with change of conditions, it gets difficult to success in the business, as long as we try to keep the business on the way more we reach a danger point.Business, with the intense competition conditions, and it’s hard to keep for a long period the superiority in the highest level. The failing of competition power, the business quota reducing , the appearance of a group of consumers who learn their rights, expected and unexpected things, this create a negative image and bring more costs in general and makes the business unproductive. That’s why the philosophy of Total Quality Management for the business it’s important and it’s necessary to assimilate and explain it. And because of this, we, Çağdas Pano with an improved education for those who wants to increase human power, to satisfy, and to give answers to new management researches, will be a method of encourage.

The Total Quality Management phılosophy that we will apply, it will;

- Optimize natural resources use and will decrease the wastes.
- Increase products and quality services.
- To productivity, will create necessary coordination and stimulation.
- In all the organization levels, increase the participation and with level of satisfaction high human power with        contribuition to labor peace.
- Reduce the deliver time of the products.
- Reduce the product time’s progress
- In the processes will improve continuously.
- The demand that comes from the market, a flexible treat and increase the access.
- For the costumers, easy acess to the services, decrease the time for delivery and the last one to pleasure the customers.

With all this, our target it’s to increase our quota, rise up the image of our company, get high profit, improve an effective competition, and other points that we want to reach with Total Quality Management.

However the philosophy of Total Quality Management it’s not settle down yet, the tradional applications still continue, the completed Total Quality Management philosophy, human aspects and applications are several questions.

As result, the experience that we have shows that the concept Total Quality Management in this point the company that doesn’t apply this methods and also when they get information of this philosophy the company reach a focused point and they succeed.