Before we pollute the environment, protection and common responsibility policies, we made environmental management plans.
One of the most important article is ‘’be friend with the enviroment’’. That’s why the 1st of November 1993 was made a contract and the principal purpose was ‘’RESPECT THE ENVİROMENT A CONTİNUE EVOLUTİON’’

To keep this contine evolution:

- Keep the quality life.
- Keep safe the natural sources.
- Stay away from environmental damages.
- Today’s needs

We, as Çağdas Pano, the answer to all this principle and needs and to let a clean environment in the name of the next generation;

- We will never give up from environmental management and be friend of the environment.
- Encouraging and supporting our workers to use a ‘’GREEN CONSUME’’ politics
- Improve our new investments and applications to decrease the effects onthe environment.
- Our activities related with sectoral and juridical
- İncrease the support to all the interested, costumers, suppliers, publicenvironmental.
- Keep improving the İSO 14001 enviroment management system.
- Our waste, specially
- Our natural sources, effective, productive, and to use as minimum as possible we are following the progress of technology